Drew Chadwick, ladies and gentlemen.

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Keaton Stromberg + Vine

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@drewchadwickmusic: Cali Nights ☯ 
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THIS!!!! hotness overload! X_X dead!

*All Credit goes to Keatonroberts. She deserves all the credit! :) Go to her inbox and leave her a thank you message for all the hard work! Seriously, this is the best Wes strip tease we have gotten, haha!

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Drew Chadwick + #E3TV Episodes

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You are god in a physical body. you are spirit in the flesh. You are eternal life expressing itself as you. You are all power.You are all wisdom.You are all intelligence.
You are Perfection. you are magnificent. you are the creator.
- Drew Chadwick (via just—another-teen)
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